I have worked as a professional furniture maker for over 20 years. I started creating wood art about 5 years ago and am truely enjoying it. My art involves carving nature such as trees, plants and animals because I find nature both interesting and very beautiful.

The more I carve animals, such as whales, bears, and owls, the more connected I feel with them. My process of carving animals involves learning more about them and the more I learn, the deeper I care about them.My favorite animal is the humpback whale because of its majestic nature they have. They are graceful, friendly and beautiful as they slowly glide deep in the oceans and then suddenly turn upward and breach causing a this huge mammal to come out of the water for a second and make a large splash when they hit the water.

 I also feel connected with trees being a furniture maker for over 20 years. I am proud that the wood I use is not commercially logged. The trees are either blown down in a wind storm or need to come down for safety reasons. Instead of letting a tree rot in the forest, the wood is usedto make beautiful furniture and wood art.

Todd M. McAneeley - Wood Artist